The Book of Noah

65.1 And, in those days, Noah saw the Earth had tilted and that its destruction was near.
65.2 And he set off from there, and went to the ends of the Earth, and cried out to his great-grandfather Enoch; and Noah said three times in a bitter voice: "Hear me, hear me, hear me!"
65.3 And he said to him: "Tell me, what is it that is being done on the Earth, that the Earth is so afflicted, and shaken, lest I be destroyed with it!"
65.4 And immediately, there was a great disturbance on the Earth, and a voice was heard from Heaven, and I fell upon my face.
65.5 And my great-grandfather Enoch came, stood by me, and said to me: "Why did you cry out to me with such bitter crying and weeping?
65.6 And a command has gone out from the Lord, against those who dwell upon the dry ground, that this must be their end. For they have learnt all the secrets of the Angels, and all the wrongdoings of the satans, and all their secret power, and all the power of those who practice magic arts, and the power of enchantments, and the power of those who cast molten images for all the Earth.
65.7 And further, how silver is produced from the dust of the Earth, and how soft metal occurs on the Earth.
65.8 For lead and tin are not produced from the Earth, like the former; there is a spring which produces them, and an Angel who stands in it, and that Angel distributes them."
65.9 And after this, my great-grandfather Enoch took hold of me with his hand, and raised me, and said to me: "Go, for I have asked the Lord of Spirits about this disturbance on the Earth.
65.10 And He said to me: 'Because of their iniquity, their judgement has been completed, and they will no longer be counted before Me; because of the sorceries they have searched out, and learnt, the Earth and those who dwell upon it will be destroyed.'
65.11 And for these there will be no place of refuge, for ever, for they showed to them what is secret, and they have been condemned; but not so for you, my son, the Lord of Spirits knows that you are pure and innocent of this reproach concerning the secrets.
65.12 And He has established your name among the Holy, and will keep you from amongst those who dwell upon the dry ground; and He has destined your offspring in righteousness to be kings and for great honours. And from your offspring will flow out a spring of the Righteous and Holy, without number, for ever."

66.1 And after this, he showed me the Angels of Punishment who were ready to come and release all the forces of the water, which is under the earth, in order to bring judgement, and destruction, on all those who reside and dwell upon the dry ground.
66.2 And the Lord of Spirits commanded the Angels, who were coming out, not to raise their hands but to keep watch; for those Angels were in charge of the forces of the waters.
66.3 And I came out from before Enoch.

57.1 And it came to pass, after this, that I saw a host of chariots with men riding on them, and they came upon the wind, from the east, and from the west, to the south.
57.2 And the sound of the noise of their chariots was heard. And when this commotion occurred the Holy Ones observed it from Heaven, and the Pillars of the Earth were shaken from their foundations. And the sound was heard, from the ends of the Earth to the ends of Heaven, throughout one day.

60.1 In the five-hundredth year, in the seventh month, on the fourteenth day of the month, in the life of Noah. In that parable, I saw how the Heaven of Heavens was shaken violently, and the Host of the Most High, and the Angels, a thousand thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand, were extremely disturbed.
60.2 And then I saw the Head of Days, sitting on the Throne of His Glory, and the Angels and righteous were standing around Him.
60.3 And a great trembling seized me, and fear took hold of me, and my loins collapsed and gave way, and my whole being melted and I fell upon my face.
60.4 And the Holy Michael sent another Holy Angel, one of the Holy Angels, and he raised me, and when he raised me, my spirit returned, for I had been unable to endure the sight of that host, and the disturbance, and the shaking of Heaven.
60.5 And the Holy Michael said to me: "What sight has disturbed you like this? Until today has the day of His mercy lasted, and He has been merciful, and long-suffering, towards those who dwell upon the dry ground.
60.6 And when the Day, and the Power, and the Punishment, and the Judgement, come, that the Lord of Spirits has prepared for those who worship the Righteous Judge, and for those who deny the Righteous Judgement, and for those who take His Name in vain; and that Day has been prepared: For the chosen a covenant; but for the sinners a visitation.
60.25 When the punishment of the Lord of Spirits rests upon them, it will remain resting, so that the punishment of the Lord of Spirits may not come in vain upon these. Afterwards the judgement will be according to His mercy and His patience."
60.7 And on that day, two monsters will be separated from one another, a female monster whose name is Leviathan, to dwell in the depths of the sea, above the springs of the waters.
60.8 And the name of the male is Behemoth, who occupies with his breast a desert that cannot be seen, named Dendayn, on the east of the Garden where the chosen and the righteous dwell. Where my great-grandfather was received, who was seventh from Adam the first man whom the Lord of Spirits made.
60.9 And I asked that other Angel to show me the power of those monsters, how they were separated on one day, and thrown, one into the depths of the sea, and the other on to the dry ground of the desert.
60.10 And he said to me: "Son of man, you here wish to know what is secret."
60.24 And the Angel of Peace, who was with me, said to me: "These two monsters, prepared in accordance with the greatness of the Lord, will feed them that punishment of the Lord. And children will be killed with their mothers, and sons with their fathers."

67.1 And in those days, the Word of the Lord came to me, and He said to me: "Noah, behold, your lot has come up before Me, a lot without reproach, a lot of love and uprightness.
67.2 And now, the Angels are making a wooden structure, and when the Angels come out from that task, I will put My Hand on it and keep it safe, and from it will come the seed of life. And a change shall take place so that the dry ground may not remain empty.
67.3 And I will establish your offspring before Me, for ever and ever, and I will scatter those who dwell with you over the face of the dry ground. I will not again put them to the test, on the face of the Earth, but they will be blessed and increase on the dry ground, in the Name of the Lord."
67.4 And they will shut up those Angels, who showed iniquity, in that burning valley, which my great-grandfather Enoch had shown to me previously, in the west, near the mountains of gold, and silver, and iron, and soft metal, and tin.
67.5 And I saw that valley, in which there was a great disturbance, and a heaving of the waters.
67.6 And when all this happened, from that fiery molten metal, and the disturbance which disturbed the waters in that place, a smell of sulphur was produced, and it was associated with those waters. And that valley, of the Angels who led men astray, burns under the ground.
67.7 And through the valleys, of that same area, flow out rivers of fire where those Angels will be punished who led astray those on the dry ground.
67.8 And in those days, those waters will serve the kings, and the mighty, and the exalted, and those who dwell upon dry ground, for the healing of soul and body, but also for the punishment of the spirit. And their spirits are so full of lust that they will be punished in their bodies, for they denied the Lord of Spirits. And they see their punishment every day, yet they do not believe in His Name.
67.9 And the more their bodies are burnt, the more a change will come over their spirits, for ever and ever; for no one can speak an idle word in front of the Lord of Spirits.
67.10 For judgement will come upon them, for they believe in the lust of their bodies, but deny the spirit of the Lord.
67.11 And those same waters will undergo a change in those days; for when those Angels are punished in those days the temperature of those springs of water will change, and when the Angels come up, that water of the springs will change and become cold.
67.12 And I heard the Holy Michael answering and saying: "This judgement, with which the Angels are judged, is a testimony for the kings and the mighty who possess the dry ground.
67.13 For these Waters of Judgement serve for the healing of the bodies of the Angels, and for the lust of their bodies; but they do not see, and do not believe, that these waters will change, and will become a fire which burns for ever."

68.1 And after this, my great-grandfather Enoch gave me the explanation of all the secrets in a book, and the parables that had been given to him; and he put them together for me in the words of the Book of Parables.