70.1 And it came to pass, after this, that while he was living his name was lifted from those who dwell upon the dry ground, to the presence of that Son of Man, and to the presence of the Lord of Spirits.
70.2 And he was lifted on the Chariots of the Spirit, and his name vanished from among them.
70.3 And, from that day, I was not counted among them, and He placed me between two winds, between the north and the west, where the Angels took the cords, to measure, for me, the place for the Chosen and the Righteous.
70.4 And there, I saw the First Fathers, and the righteous, who, from the beginning of the world, dwelt in that place.

71.1 And it came to pass, after this, that my spirit was carried off, and it went up into the Heavens. I saw the sons of the Holy Angels treading upon flames of fire, their garments were white, and their clothing, and the light of their face, was like snow.
71.2 And I saw two rivers of fire, and the light of that fire shone like a hyacinth, and I fell upon my face, in front of the Lord of Spirits.
71.3 And the Angel Michael, one of the Archangels, took hold of me by my right hand, and raised me, and led me out to all the secrets of mercy, and the secrets of righteousness.
71.4 And he showed me all the secrets of the Ends of Heaven, and all the Storehouses of the Stars, and the Lights, from where they come out, in front of the Holy Ones.
71.5 And the Spirit carried Enoch off to the Highest Heaven, and I saw there, in the middle of that light, something built of crystal stones, and in the middle of those stones, tongues of living fire.
71.6 And my spirit saw a circle of fire, which surrounded that house; from its four sides came rivers, full of living fire, and they surrounded that house.
71.7 And round about were the Seraphim, and the Cherubim, and the Ophannim; these are They Who Do Not Sleep but keep watch over the Throne of His Glory.
71.8 And I saw Angels, who could not be counted, a thousand thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand, surrounding that house. And Michael, and Raphael, and Gabriel, and Phanuel, and the Holy Angels who are in the Heavens above, went in and out of that house.
71.9 And Michael, and Raphael, and Gabriel, and Phanuel, and many Holy Angels without number, came out from that house.
71.10 And with them, the Head of Days, his head white, and pure, like wool, and his garments; indescribable.
71.11 And I fell upon my face, and my whole body melted, and my spirit was transformed; and I cried out in a loud voice, in the spirit of power, and I blessed, praised, and exalted.
71.12 And these blessings, which came out from my mouth, were pleasing before that Head of Days.
71.13 And that Head of Days came with Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Phanuel, and thousands and tens of thousands of Angels without number.
71.14 And that Angel, came to me, and greeted me with his voice, and said to me: "You are the son of man who was born to righteousness, and righteousness remains over you, and the righteousness of the Head of Days will not leave you."
71.15 And he said to me: "He proclaims peace to you, in the name of the world which is to come, for from there, peace has come out, from the creation of the world; and so you will have it, for ever, and for ever and ever.
71.16 And, all will walk according to your way, inasmuch as righteousness will never leave you. With you will be their dwelling, and with you their lot, and they will not be separated from you, for ever, and for ever and ever.
71.17 And so, there will be length of days, with that Son of Man, and the righteous will have peace, and the righteous will have an upright way, in the name of the Lord of Spirits, for ever and ever."

59.1 And, in those days, my eyes saw the secrets of the flashes of lightning, and the lights, and their regulation, and they flash for a blessing, or a curse, as the Lord of Spirits wishes.
59.2 And there, I saw the secrets of the thunder, and how, when it crashes in Heaven above, the sound of it is heard. And they showed me the dwellings of the lightning and the sounds of the thunder, for peace, and for blessing, or for a curse, according to the word of the Lord of Spirits.
59.3 And after this, all the secrets of the lights, and of the flashes of lightning, were shown to me. They flash to bring blessing and satisfaction.

60.11 And the other Angel spoke to me, the one who went with me and showed me what is secret; what is first and last in Heaven, in the heights, and under the dry ground, in the depths, and at the Ends of Heaven, and at the Foundations of Heaven, and in the Storehouses of the Winds.
60.12 And, how the winds are distributed, and how they are weighed. And how the gates of the winds are counted according to the power of their wind. And the power of the light of the Moon. And the divisions of the stars according to their names. And how all the divisions are made.
60.13 And the thunder; according to the places where it falls. And all the divisions that are made in lightning; so that it may flash. And its hosts; how they quickly obey.
60.14 For the thunder has fixed intervals, which have been given to its sound, for waiting. And the thunder and the lightning are not separate; although not the same. Through a spirit, the two of them move inseparably.
60.15 For when the lightning flashes, the thunder utters its voice, and the spirit, at the proper time, causes it to rest, and divides equally between them, because the storehouse of the times, for their occurrence, is like that of the sand. And each of them, at the proper time, is held by a rein, and is turned back by the power of the spirit, and likewise driven forward, according to the number of the regions of the Earth.
60.16 And the spirit of the sea is male, and strong, and according to the power of its strength, the spirit turns it back with a rein, and likewise it is driven forward, and scattered amongst all the mountains of the Earth.
60.17 And the spirit of the hoarfrost, is its own Angel; and the spirit of the hail, is a good Angel.
60.18 And the spirit of the snow has withdrawn, because of its power, and it has a special spirit, and that which rises from it, is like smoke, and its name is frost.
60.19 And the spirit of the mist, is not associated with them in their storehouses, but has a special storehouse; for its course is both in light and darkness, and in winter and in summer, and its storehouse is an Angel.
60.20 The spirit of the dew has its dwelling at the Ends of Heaven, and is connected with the storehouses of the rain. And its course is in winter, and in the summer, and its clouds and the clouds of the mist are associated, and one gives to the other.
60.21 And when the spirit of the rain moves from its storehouse, the Angels come and open the storehouse, and bring it out. And, when it is scattered over all the dry ground, it joins with all the water that is on the dry ground. And, whenever it joins with the water that is on the dry ground, (......)
60.22 For the waters are for those who dwell upon the dry ground, for they are nourishment for the dry ground, from the Most High who is in Heaven. Therefore, there is a fixed measure for the rain, and the Angels comprehend it.
60.23 All these things, I saw towards the Garden of Righteousness.