Is Yahweh, who appears in the book as "the Lord of the sheep", an extraterrestrial?

Enoch's prophetic vision of the animals starts at 85.3 with the story of Adam, as a bull, and continues through to around 90.17 with mostly recognisable Bible stories plus a serious condemnation of the religious leaders of our organised religions. It then moves into the future, far into the future, concluding at 90.38 with a happy ending where even "the lord of the sheep rejoices".
There are a few details that did not make it into the Bible when it came to be written, and particularly interesting are instances where "the lord of the sheep" appears in person and is seen.
The only description of Yahweh is from the beginning of the Exodus -

89.22 And the Lord of the sheep went with them, as He led them, and all his sheep followed Him; and His face was glorious, and His appearance terrible and magnificent.

The Egyptian Army (the wolves) then see Yahweh during the parting of the waters episode -

89.25 And, while those wolves had not yet seen the sheep, they went into the middle of that stretch of water; but the wolves pursued the sheep, and those wolves ran after them into that stretch of water.
89.26 But, when they saw the Lord of the sheep, they turned to flee in front of Him; but that stretch of water flowed together again, and suddenly resumed its natural form, and the water swelled up, and rose, until it covered those wolves.

Possibly there were no surviving witnesses to that one but there were for this one -

89.28 But the sheep escaped that water, and went to a desert, where there was neither water nor grass. And they began to open their eyes, and see, and I saw the Lord of the sheep pasturing them, and giving them water, and grass, and that sheep going and leading them.
89.29 And that sheep went up to the summit of a high rock, and the Lord of the sheep sent it to them.
89.30 And after this, I saw the Lord of the sheep standing in front of them, and His appearance was terrible and majestic, and all those sheep saw Him, and were afraid of Him.
89.31 And all of them were afraid, and trembled before Him; and they cried out after that sheep who was with them in their midst: "We cannot stand before our Lord, nor look at Him."

Moses is "that sheep" in this story. The next incident is where Yahweh turns out in person to help Jesus "that ram" -

90.14 And I looked until that man, who wrote down the names of the shepherds, and brought them up before the Lord of the sheep, came, and he helped that ram, and showed it everything; that its help was coming down.
90.15 And I looked until that Lord of the sheep came to them in anger, all those who saw him fled, and they all fell into the shadows, in front of Him.

My conclusion from this is that Yahweh is not one of the Watchers and does not look like a man. Presumably he doesn't look anything like any of the Egyptian mythological beings since their army fled at the sight of him.
There might be a connection with the Sumerian god called Dagon who is their fish god (see also the links on my seven sages page) who although being a lovely character was they said, in appearance, an abomination. Combine this with an african tribe called Dogon, who have an oral history that includes meeting squid-like aliens from Sirius (dog star), and strange statues from Japan called dogu that are over 10,000 years old. The dogu look like a squid in a space-suit to me. (see below for more links)

Above a dogu from Japan, below Sumerian fish gods -

The Hebrew Bible mentions him as the national god of the Philistines with temples at Ashdod and elsewhere in Gaza.



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